Summa serves small and medium size environmental, energy, and cleantech service organizations.  Clients include independent firms and departments and divisions of larger organizations.  These organizations typically provide engineering, scientific, or related technical services within the energy and environmental marketspace.  In all cases, clients who retain Summa are looking for creative, yet practical, ways to advance the business of their firms.

Summa clients are often established businesses with solid technical capabilities that recognize the value in bringing in an outside resource to assist with projects that are important to the future of the firm.  Projects are often in areas of:

·       Business Planning and Development

·       Market Research and Sales Support

·       Management or Organizational Transitions

·       Quality Systems Planning and Implementation

·       Client Satisfaction Assessment

By relying on Summa for these types of services, clients can:

·       Complete tasks that define the future of the firm

·       Sustain profitable and manageable growth

·       Remain focused on the day-to-day needs of their clients and operations

·       Keep billable resources on task

·       Improve client satisfaction and retention

Summa’s clients expect and receive personal, prompt, and confidential attention and solutions that are consistent with the resources of small and medium size enterprises (SME).