Recent Publications by David Elam

PM File articles originally appeared in EM Magazine, a publication of the Air & Waste Management Association ( To obtain copies and reprints, please contact A&WMA directly at 1-412-232-3444.

EBJ articles originally appeared in Environmental Business Journal, a publication of EBI, Inc. (  To obtain copies and reprints, please contact EBJ directly at 1-619-295-7685.

“Project Manager Maintenance” (EM PM File 11/12)

“How to Profit from Free Work” (EM PM File 09/12)

“Project Manager Maintenance: Essentials for a Successful and Rewarding Career in Project Management” (NC PMI Annual Event, 8/27/12)

“Keep Project Stakeholders Informed with Project Status Reports” (EM PM File, 07/12)

“Managing Cash Flow” (EM PM File, 05/12)

Measurement Uncertainty: How to Talk Authoritatively About What You Don’t Know” (36th SSSAAP, Session 7, 3/7/12)

“Breaking it Down” (EM PM File, 03/12)

“Effective Project Scoping Requires Complete Definition of Project Requrements” (EM PM File 01/12)

“Quality Management System Requirements for Source Testing Firms Performing Part 75 Test Programs” (PNWIS 2011, Session 7, 11/11/11)

“Reaching Consensus” (EM PM File 11/11)

“Checking the List” (EM PM File, 09/11)

“Fit for Purpose: Planning and Communicating Project Quality Requirements” (EM PM File, 07/11)

“What a Tangled Web We Weave when Accreditation We Attempt to Achieve” (35th SSSAAP, Session 6, 3/23/11)

“EPA Promulgates Minimum Competency Requirements for Source Testing Firms Performing Part 75 Work” (SES Newsletter, Volume XXXV, No. 1, Q1/11)

“Channeling Project Success” (EM PM File, 03/11)

“Project Success Depends on Communication Success” (EM PM File, 01/11)

“Three Steps to Project Financial Reporting” (EM PM File, 11/10)

“Peer Review for Environmental Projects” (35th ASQ Energy & Environmental Conference, Session M33, 11/1/10)

“Evaluating Project Performance with Earned Value Management” (EM PM File, 09/10)

“Estimating: The Basis for Demonstrating Value” (EM PM File, 06/10)

“No Time Like the Present, No Value Like the Present” (EM PM File, 04/10)

“Late Lessons in Project Management” (EM PM File, 01&02/10)

“Utility Information Collection Request to Power a Robust Environmental Services Market” (EBJ XXIII.1 01/10)

“Best of Times, Worst of Times: Reward & Recognition for Peak Performance” (EM PM File, 11/09)

“Revealed Risk is Managed Risk” (EM PM File, 09/09) 

“Meeting Challenges” (EM PM File, 07/09)

“Documenting Project Performance” (EM PM File, 05/09)

“Keeping on Schedule in 2009: Part 2″ (EM PM File, 03/09)

“Keeping on Schedule in 2009: Part 1″ (EM PM File 01/09)

“Economic Downturn Offers Opportunity to Build Sustainability Practice” (EBJ XXII.1 01/09)

“Lessons from Line Management” (EM PM File 11/08)

“Paying Forward at Project Completion” (EM PM File 09/08)

“Surveying Client Satisfaction” (EM PM File 07/08)

“Changing Plans by Planning for Change” (EM PM File 05/08)

“Peer Review: Just a Specialized Case of End-of-Pipe Treatment?” (EM PM File 03/08)

“Environmental Industry Plays Critical Role in Fostering Real Sustainability” (EBJ XXI.3&4 03/08)

“Sustainability, Environmentalism, and Green: The Next Bubble?” (EM PM File 01/08)

“Document Control Leads to Project Control” (EM PM File 11/07)

“Houston, We Have a Problem” (EM PM File 09/07)

“Freedom through Conformity: The Value of Standard Operating Procedures” (EM PM File 07/07)

“Simple Communication Tools Drive Project Success” (EM PM File 04/07)

“Laying the Groundwork for Environmental Project Success: Framing the Project in Terms of Benefits” (EM PM File 02/07)

“Definition, Differentiation, Delivery, & Demonstrated Value Determine EH&S Service Firm Success” (EBJ XVII.11&12 12/04) 

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