Summa helps environmental, energy, and cleantech service firms plan, develop, and optimize business by providing services in the following areas:

·       Business Planning

·       Business Development

·       Management and Organizational Transitions

·       Quality Systems Planning and Implementation

·       Acquisitions and Integration Support

·       Training

Business Planning

Summa works with technical service firms to develop business plans that reflect the goals of management and are consistent with the resources and planning horizon of small and medium size firms. Clients use these plans to:

·       Launch new services

·       Expand existing services

·       Open new offices

·       Secure financing

·       Communicate business objectives to clients and employees

Business Development

Summa helps technical firms acquire new business by:

·       Conducting market research and analysis

·       Assisting with sales planning

·       Assisting with the implementation of marketing campaigns

·       Preparing marketing and sales collateral

·       Preparing and reviewing proposal and presentation content

Management and Organizational Transitions

Growing technical service firms often require support when working thorough management and organizational transitions.  During these transitions, Summa can:

·       Assist with planning and service delivery design

·       Develop and implement employee recruitment plans

·       Supply hands-on, interim management talent

·       Develop and deliver training programs

Quality Systems Planning and Implementation

Technical service firms desiring to develop and implement quality management systems can rely on Summa for:

·       Quality system registration planning and project management

·       Development and documentation of procedures

·       Training and communications

·       Preparation of submittals

·       Audit support

·       Development and implementation of client satisfaction assessment programs

Acquisitions and Integration Support

Acquisition of firms with competing or complementary services can be an effective way for a technical service firm to grow.   Successful acquisitions depend on careful planning and follow-through.  Summa can help technical service firms:

·       Analyze the benefits and risks of acquisition-based growth

·       Develop an acquisition strategy

·       Research and contact acquisition prospects

·       Develop, implement, and manage the integration plan


In addition to customized training associated with specific assignments, Summa provides open enrollment training programs in technical areas, project management, and business development. If you have a specific training interest or would like to be added to our mailing list for training program announcements, please contact David Elam.